Abstract sea art

Kennaway Centre, Exmouth

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is being supported on a day-to-day basis but hopes to be more independent. It is for anyone who would like to improve their skills and use their ideas to create art.

Course content

On this course you will learn how to create a selection of art works about the sea. We will look at the sea that surrounds our beautiful county and think of the ways it changes with the weather. You will look at famous artists and use some of their ideas and techniques. You will learn painting techniques and how to mix colours. Using a variety of methods, you will create your own art and learn about artists and their ideas.

Additional information and resources

“How will I learn?

You will learn in a small friendly group and be carefully supported to create your artwork and follow the techniques.

What can I do next

If you would like to try more art we will have more courses available in the future.

Other courses with Learn Devon can help you with confidence and skills for work.

Your tutor will talk to you about what you can do next. ”

Start date28 Sep 2021
End date30 Nov 2021
Start time10:00
End time13:00
Concessions not available