Paper roses

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Who is this course for?

Do you like roses, have you a space that needs decorating, or know someone you would like to give a gift to? How about some roses – if you would like to have a go at making paper roses then this workshop is perfect for you.

Course content

You will be guided, by our tutor, through the processes needed to turn household pieces of paper and paper table napkins into beautiful 3d roses.

The session is designed to promote sharing ideas in a supportive setting where your creativity will unfold, and you will be proud of your handiwork.

All that is left is to decide where you will put your roses, or who you will be giving them to.

Support and feedback

Your tutor will be there to support and guide you throughout the course and will give you feedback at the end of the course.

If you feel you require any support for your learning, please talk to the tutor or centre staff. Any information given will be treated confidentially. 

Additional costs and requirements

This online course is real-time teaching in a virtual environment. Learners must have access to a computer/laptop, microphone, webcam and Zoom (we can advise on this).

There are no additional costs.

You will need to provide your own resources as listed below:-

Cereal box.

A selection of paper.

Paper table napkins.


Paper cutting scissors.

Roll of green florist’s tape.

Garden canes/bamboo skewers/garden wire (you will only need one of these)

Florist’s wire (optional).

Pritt stick glue.

Glue gun and glue sticks (optional).

Water colour paints/eye shadow colour pallet with brush (optional).

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

No, although your tutor may recommend things to try online after the session if you wish.

About the tutor

Your tutor will be Amanda Barrud. Amanda has been working for Learn Devon since 2002 and teaches a variety of Arts and Crafts courses, as well as family learning courses and courses for adults with learning disabilities. Amanda also works for Mencap, coordinating events and activities for adults with learning disabilities in North Devon. Amanda has 4 children and 1 grandchild and has valuable lived experiences of raising a family through challenging times.

Amanda graduated from the University of Kent and worked for the Kent Institute of Art and Design before taking up employment with Learn Devon.

Amanda is passionate about crafting and spends most of her spare time crafting or learning new craft techniques. Amanda is a patient tutor who is well known for facilitating learners to have a go at new challenges, she provides a supportive environment for leaners to experiment and try new ideas, as she recognises the potential in others and spurs them on to achieve their ambitions.

Start date08 July 2020
End date08 July 2020
Start time10:00
End time12:00
Concessions not available