Drawing skills

Kennaway Centre, Exmouth

Who is this course for?

This course is for both absolute beginners and those who wish to build on basic core skills. Sessions will be relaxed, friendly and supportive.

Course content

You will be exploring the exciting possibilities of still life Looking at subjects such as flowers, fruit, shells and ceramic vessels – creating enlargements with pastels, chalk, charcoal and a range of pencils. You will work towards producing a final piece with strong tone, lights and darks. This course includes a sketching trip to Exeter’s museum, RAMM. We will also cover artists who took a bold approach to Still Life such as Cezanne, O’Keefe and Cotan.

Support and feedback

Learners will get individual support and feedback from the tutor. Group conversations about project ideas will be encouraged.

Additional costs and requirements

For the first session please bring · a large A3 drawing pad (heavyweight paper) and a smaller hardback A4 drawing sketchbook. A range of pencils (HB + 2B essential) rubber and sharpener. You will be advised about other basic materials you will need to buy for the rest of the course.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

There will be some homework and learners will be encouraged to try out techniques and explore ideas covered in class, in their own time.

About the tutor

Along with working as a fine art tutor for Learn Devon Louise Banks also runs her own drawing courses and workshops in local community centres and galleries. She runs a regular Life Drawing class at Thelma Hulbert Gallery. Having trained at Goldsmiths’ College London she has over thirty years’ experience of teaching art to children and adults.

As a practising artist she has exhibited work in London, Hampshire and Bristol galleries and art fairs. This includes venues such as the Air Gallery in Dover Street and The Affordable Art Fair, London. She mainly works in oil paint and inks. Media work includes an interview and demonstration on Channel four’s The Afternoon Show and a feature in Country Living Magazine.

While a personal art website is in progress, examples of work can be seen on the Devon Artists Network website

Examples of both Devon adult learners’ class work and her own work can be found on

Having been taught by a pupil of Cecil Collins she has been very influenced by his particular ideas and methods and incorporates these into her own drawing courses. The aim is to provide a calm space where risk taking and exploration of techniques and materials are encouraged. It is a process-led approach.

“Paintings are but research and experiment. I never do a painting as a work of art, all of them are researches. I search constantly.” Picasso

The spontaneous and academic are not seen as mutually exclusive, however, and traditional skills are covered. Learning to ‘see’ rather than just ‘look’ is at the core of every course.

Start date20 Feb 2018
End date20 Mar 2018
Start time13:00
End time15:00
Concessions not available