Pottery: for all

The Mansion, Totnes

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to embrace anybody who wants to work with clay.

Course content

We cover all the basic hand building techniques, as well as offering the opportunity to throw. There is structure for those who want it and creative flexibility for those with more experience. Come and have fun.

Support and feedback

Tutor support and feedback.

Additional costs and requirements

Wear something old!

You will need to pay for the clay you use.

There are 2 courses of 4 weeks, the next course is AC7157, so it would be worth signing up for both courses together.

About the tutor

Chrissie studied at art college and has worked within further education and the community for 25 years

Start date03 May 2018
End date24 May 2018
Start time18:30
End time21:00
Concessions not available