Calling all budding writers

Posted on: 5 June 2018

Have you ever wanted to write a book?

You have all sorts of ideas but just don’t know where to start.

Let Learn Devon help. This term we are hosting a series of creative writing workshops to get those creative juices flowing and help all budding writers put pen to paper!

Creative Writing: Put time aside for writing

A great opportunity to be part of a writers’ group where you will discuss themes and ideas. These will be turned into storylines and plots to enable you to write a short story, piece of prose or a poem. Find out more.

Creative Writing: Start a book

Ideal for writers who want to write longer pieces which form the chapters of a book. Look at a variety of ways to dream up your main character; come up with great ideas for a storyline and then piece by piece, fill in the jigsaw that makes up a person’s story, fitting it into an intriguing plot. Find out more.

Creative Writing Workshop: Forming characters

You will look at producing 3 characters for three different storylines. Have fun trying out ideas and discarding the stereotypes or coming up with the girl (or boy) next door dealing with unexpected and difficult circumstances. Find out more.

Creative Writing Workshop: Chapters and plots

Now move on to more structure and how to weave a plot in and around your main characters. Look at different scenarios and discuss how a plot would unravel and create a plot which is both unpredictable and unusual. Discuss various scenarios which bring about unusual circumstances and events, expanding on them in order to deepen your plot. Find out more.

Creative Writing Workshop: Pop-up poetry

Have fun with words and building phrases and then forming your own poems. You will get the opportunity to try out three different styles of poetry and look at alliteration, assonance, highlighting the senses and emphasising imagery. Find out more.

Poetry in the Park

Take a stimulating walk around Tavistock, observing places, artefacts and things in nature to get ideas for writing. You will then be guided to put your thoughts and ideas into prose i.e. poetry or a short story. Find out more.