“At Learn Devon my life and confidence have improved”

Posted on: 19 May 2017

Two learners from courses at The Kennaway Centre in Exmouth write about how their learning has improved their lives…


My reason for learning

I started going to English classes because when I left school back in 1983 I left with very low pass marks. In the subjects I took, which were maths, art and English, I only got CSE passes.

New people

When you go to Learn Devon at the Kennaway Centre you get to meet different people with different learning problems and different reasons for wanting to learn English.

I found being older makes it much easier than when I went to school. Then, the teachers had no discipline and most of the pupils disrupted the class and nothing was ever done about it.


At Learn Devon you’re given a fair chance to be able to obtain skills for life. I started learning English with a tutor called Sim. I learnt comprehension and punctuation. I managed to pass entry level 3. Now I am in Fiona’s class and I am working towards a huge leap in comparison to where I started.

Quotes from the class

Matthew, a member of the group, said: “When I come to class I feel everyone’s happy and it’s good doing English as it makes you use your brain!”

Kim, the learning support worker, said: “It is a joy to come to the English class as I enjoy helping people improve their writing as it is a skill for life.”

In a class of its own

I never used to enjoy schooling as I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere. At least at Learn Devon my life and confidence have improved as now I write letters and I can fill in forms which used to be a problem. All of my improvements have been noticed by my parents who used to worry because I have always struggled.


Learning with a reason

My name is Matt, I attend the Kennaway Centre twice a week. I started off doing my level one English and maths. With the help of my teachers I have passed both English and maths.

My achievements

Soon after I passed my level one English and maths, I moved on to start my level two. After I pass my level two English and maths I will start a course at college.

My English group

In my English group we are always busy doing articles or other amazing tasks. I like it that every time I walk into my English class, everyone is happy, chirpy and always eager to start the tasks the tutor Fiona has planned.

I have asked Fiona what she likes about our English group and she commented: “I love it that every character is different and the group is supportive to each other. They work well together as a team and as a class.”

Why should I join the Kennaway?

The Kennaway helped me up my grades when the college would not accept me because my grades were too low. One of my friends said: “When I first started at the Kennaway I had little skills but since joining I have achieved skills in writing letters and other basic skills and now I can write a formal letter with confidence.”

This could be you!

You could be in the same situation as most people here at the Kennaway, but everyone is here to learn and achieve skills they might not have learnt before. Your life could change here at the Kennaway and you could achieve the same skills as others have in the past.

So don’t hesitate, come and sign up now.