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cancelled courses, enrolment, refunds and advanced learning loans
learning support and help with fees
equality and diversity
health and safety
computers, internet and email: acceptable use
keeping your details up to date
additional costs
personal property
safeguarding policy
subcontracting policy
strategic plan
privacy policy

cancelled courses, enrolment, refunds and advanced learning loans

For more information about cancelled courses, refunds, enrolment and advanced learning loans, please see our FAQs.

learning support and help with fees

If you require support for your learning, need help with fees or think you may be eligible for a concession, please see our learning and support page.


To leave a comment, complaint or compliment about Learn Devon, please visit the Devon County Council feedback page.

equality and diversity

Learn Devon is committed to actively promoting equality and diversity, tackling bullying and discrimination, and narrowing the achievement gap. This includes on grounds of gender, race, sexuality, age, disability, income, employment and level of learning. We evaluate this through:

  • policies and procedures including a safeguarding policy (see below), code of conduct for staff and learners which can be seen in our learner information leaflet
  • learner documentation and promotion materials to ensure accessibility
  • training in equality and diversity undertaken by teaching staff to ensure equality and diversity is embedded in the classroom
  • established reporting process and appropriate actions taken
  • learner support service so access arrangements made to ensure learners can participate
  • closing the achievement gap for disadvantaged learners
  • monitoring achievement rates of different groups of learners.

health and safety policy

We are committed to:

  • setting and regularly measuring health and safety performance
  • providing training and resources
  • promoting a positive safety culture
  • developing the ability of all individuals within Learn Devon
  • learning to recognise responsibilities, risks and effective precautions to prevent injury to themselves and others
  • developing clear, unambiguous written policies and procedures
  • co-operating with other organisations to promote health and safety
  • ensuring that prompt and appropriate action is taken when incidents and/or hazards are reported.

Read our full health and safety policy (pdf)

computers, internet and email: acceptable use policy

Learn Devon learners and staff may use Learn Devon equipment for legitimate activities related to a learning programme run by or for Learn Devon. These activities must be within the law and must not be prohibited by our acceptable use policy.

You must not:

  • view, download, print, create or in any way circulate items that may be considered offensive, threatening, pornographic or illegal
  • download or install software of any sort on Learn Devon computers or equipment
  • download or circulate data including software, music and videos, in contravention of copyright and intellectual property laws
  • knowingly introduce or circulate a virus or other form of malware, or attempt to access other computers or networks illegally or without permission
  • damage or attempt to damage any equipment or facilities
  • store or post anywhere, without their prior consent, images or video of individuals
  • store or post anywhere any image or video that includes children or vulnerable individuals where they can be identified by name, however indirectly
  • knowingly pose as someone else including logging on, or attempting to log on, to any account held by anyone else
  • disclose any password given to you by Learn Devon to anyone else.

E-mail and communications

You must not:

  • send by email, post on the internet or in any way circulate items that may be considered offensive, threatening, pornographic or illegal
  • send email or any other message to any user who does not wish to receive it
  • send multiple unsolicited emails (‘spam’), or start or pass on any chain mail
  • use email, internet postings or any other means to threaten, to harass or to incite illegal behaviour.

Illegal activities

By law, you must not:

  • view, read, download, upload, distribute or circulate material that includes child abuse images, incitement to violence, race hate or extreme pornography
  • publish or disclose information about individuals without their prior consent unless this information has been released in to the public domain by the individual or is required by law to be made public
  • publish information about individuals or organisations that is inaccurate or untrue, irrelevant, out of date or is intended to damage them or to hold them up to ridicule, hatred or contempt.

Read our computers, internet and email: acceptable use policy (pdf).

keeping your details up to date

It is your responsibility to keep Learn Devon informed of any changes to your personal details. This may include changes to your name, address, email or anything else you feel we may need to know.

Learn Devon cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur when a learner has not informed us of a change in details.

additional costs

There may be additional material costs on some courses, particularly arts and crafts based courses. Information on what you will need, where to purchase the items and how much you can be expected to pay can be found under course details when you search for a course or by  contacting us. If you require more information, please let us know. However, we cannot be held liable for costs the learner was not aware of which arise from attending one of our courses.

personal property

Learners are responsible for their own property at all times when on a Learn Devon course or on Learn Devon premises. Learn Devon takes no responsibility for loss or damage of personal property unless it is through the direct negligence of Learn Devon or its agents (such as teachers or contracted learning providers).

safeguarding policy

Learn Devon and its partners are committed to providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment free from harassment, bullying or discrimination in which children, young people, vulnerable adults and adults can learn, develop and succeed. The new Prevent Duty requires us to recognise where you may be at risk of radicalisation and extremism and act appropriately.

Wellbeing: all staff are trained to be aware of your wellbeing and to take appropriate action to safeguard you.
Who to contact: you can report any concerns to a member of staff or for wellbeing and safeguarding, contact any one of the safeguarding advocates (office hours only):
Allison Cooper: allison.cooper@devon.gov.uk
Ellie Walsh: elanor.walsh@devon.gov.uk
Annie Raine: annie.raine@devon.gov.uk
Or call them on 01392 383000.
Alternatively, contact the multi-agency safety hub (MASH) on 0345 1551 071 for concerns relating to children, or Care Direct on 0345 1551 007 for concerns relating to adults.
Prevent Duty: if you have serious concerns, you should contact the Police direct. If you see or suspect something, you can report it by phoning the confidential anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321 or email prevent@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk.

subcontracting policy

Learn Devon subcontracts some of its courses to  external providers. We do this to provide the community with a wide range of courses, across the county.  This is covered by our subcontracting policy.

strategic plan

Learn Devon’s courses and policies are drawn up according to our strategic plan.

privacy policy

Learn Devon is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected. All personal information provided to us will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

What data we gather

We may gather the following information:

  • your official name, age, gender, ethnicity
  • contact information including email, telephone and postal addresses
  • educational information
  • difficulty or disability
  • demographic information such as postcodes, preferences and interests
  • employment status and household information

How we use this data

Collecting this data helps us understand what you are looking for from Learn Devon and enables us to fulfil your requests. Specifically, we may use data:

  • to meet our contractual agreement with the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) – please see the SFA privacy notice below
  • to process enrolments
  • for our internal records
  • to contact you in response to an enquiry
  • to customise the website
  • to meet our legal and statutory duties and responsibilities
  • for publicity, but with your permission where you are identifiable
  • to send promotional emails and mailings about services, products, offers and other things provided by us and/or our sponsors and affiliates we think may be relevant to you. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ in the emails you are sent, emailing learndevon@devon.gov.uk or writing to Learn Devon, The Kennaway Centre, 10-12 Victoria Road, Exmouth EX8 1DL.

Links to other websites

This policy applies only to the actions of Learn Devon and does not extend to any other websites that can be accessed from this one.


We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. To prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

Your information will be entered onto Learn Devon’s Management Information System and will be kept for 10 years (contractual obligation). After this time it will be disposed of by purging the data no longer used. Any paper records will be securely disposed of.

Use of photographs

We sometimes use photographs/recordings of learners/their work for use in printed literature, on the Learn Devon website (making the images available worldwide) and on social networking sites.

To comply with the Data Protection Act and UK Copyright Law, we need your permission before we take or use any photographs or recordings of you or your work. Photograph(s) and recording(s) are kept indefinitely on a secure database that we own and will not usually have identifying details published with them.

We will ask you for your permission at the time photographs are taken or recordings made.

The Skills Funding Agency privacy notice

The personal information you provide is passed to the Skills Funding Agency, and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Where necessary it is also shared with the Department for Education, including the Education Funding Agency.

The information is used for the exercise of functions of these government departments and to meet statutory responsibilities, including under the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009, and to create and maintain a unique learner number (ULN) and a personal learning record (PLR).

The information you provide may be shared with other organisations for education, training, employment and well-being related purposes, including for research.

You may be contacted after you have completed your programme of learning to establish whether you have entered employment or gone onto further training or education. You may be contacted by the English European Social Fund (ESF) Managing Authority, or its agents, to carry out research and evaluation to inform the effectiveness of the programme.

When you attend your course, you will be given the opportunity to opt out of contact for other purposes if you do not wish to be contacted:

  • about courses or learning opportunities
  • for surveys and research
  • by post, phone and email

Further information about use of and access to your personal data, and details of other organisations with whom we regularly share data are available at www.gov.uk/government/publications/sfa-privacy-notice.